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The system of Zika virus-associated microcephaly continues to be unclear.

Both of these combined mechanisms describe why the cerebral cortex of contaminated fetuses becomes lacking in neurons and it is therefore smaller in proportions. These discoveries demonstrate a hypothesis that people had made carrying out a basic research research we had simply carried out inside our laboratory, and therefore confirm the physiological need for the unfolded proteins response within the control of neurogenesis, says Laurent Nguyen. Research workers continued their research on mice by administering inhibitors of protein-folding re-sponse in cortical progenitors and discovered that this inhibited the introduction of microcephaly in mice embryos infected with Zika trojan. Furthermore, the defects noticed are particular to contamination by ZIKV, as additional neurotropical viruses from the flavivirus family members didn’t cause microcephaly, as opposed to Zika virus.